Welcome to! We understand the importance of properly caring for and maintaining your new tattoo. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about tattoo care, from the first days after getting your tattoo to long-term care and maintenance tips.

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Healing Balms and Creams:

  • Bepanthen: A popular choice for moisturizing and protecting new tattoos.
  • Hustle Butter Deluxe: A natural, vegan-friendly balm that aids in the healing process and reduces irritation.
  • Aquaphor: A versatile ointment that hydrates and protects the skin during the healing process.

Moisturizing Creams:

  • Lubriderm: A lightweight, non-greasy cream that helps keep the skin hydrated and your tattoo looking vibrant.
  • Eucerin Advanced Repair: An intensely moisturizing cream suitable for sensitive skin, aiding in skin barrier repair.


  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer: A lightweight sunscreen that absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue.
  • Coppertone Sport: A water-resistant sunscreen specially designed for active individuals, providing long-lasting protection even during sweating.

Important Warnings and Precautions

  • Signs of Infection: If you notice symptoms such as redness, swelling, warmth, pain, or pus around the tattoo, it may indicate an infection. Consult a doctor immediately if you suspect you’ve developed an infection.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some people may have allergic reactions to tattoo ink or care products used during the healing process. If you experience rash, itching, swelling, or other allergic reactions, discontinue product use and consult a doctor.
  • Consult a Doctor if Necessary: If you’re unsure about the health of your tattoo or experiencing severe complications, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. It’s important to address any issues promptly to prevent further complications.

By following these guidelines and using the recommended products, you can ensure your tattoo heals properly and remains vibrant for years to come. Remember to prioritize your tattoo’s health and seek medical attention if needed. Enjoy your new tattoo journey!

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How to Choose the Right Tattoo Style

Choosing the right tattoo style is a crucial step in the tattoo process. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate patterns of a Maori tattoo, the detailed lines of a fine line tattoo, or the powerful symbolism of a viking tattoo, it’s important to select a style that reflects your personal aesthetics and meaning. For those seeking a style that is both classic and modern, a dragon tattoo can be an excellent choice. These tattoos, deeply rooted in mythology and culture, offer a range of design possibilities, from fine lines to detailed realistic images. On the other hand, for those looking for something both spiritual and aesthetic, the mandala tattoo is a popular choice. These symmetrical designs, often used in meditation and spiritual rituals, can hold deeper meaning for the wearer. And let’s not forget the striking Medusa tattoo. This design, depicting the image of the Greek Gorgon with snakes as hair, is a powerful symbol of female strength and protection. Regardless of the specific tattoo style you choose, it’s essential to do your research and find an artist experienced with your chosen design. A tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and choosing the right style can make the difference between a tattoo you love and one you regret.

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